Water-based Color Paste

Green Spring high-performance environmental Water-based Color Paste which without water-soluble resin or ethylene glycol. It has mould proof function, conforming the damand of water-based environmental coatings. It has been used in coloring of Interior and exterior decorative coatin, Roofing waterproof coating, Waterborne Wood Coatings and Industrial coatings.

Our company researched Water-based Color Paste over the years, selecting high-performance organic/inorganic pigment, using professional skills to produce this product. Water-based Color Paste has complete chromatography, good performance, stabilized viscosity. It doesn't contain resin, ethylene glyco as well as low VOC, meeting the standard of 《Water - based Pastes for Architectural Coatings》 and reach the law of environmental in domestic.

The advantage of our product:

1. High pigment content, good adhesion and decress cost.

2. No APE or Ethylene glycol, low VOC which is a kind of environment-friendly product.

3. Small dispersion particle size, narrow particle size,suitalbe for any coloring of granularity.

4. Good weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance as well as perfect migration resistance and heat resistance.

5. Complete chromatography which is suit for color matching.

6. Perfect printing adaptability, stable viscosity, easy-storage.


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