Application Guidelines:

The first part: about the production of print:

It is quite different on printing plate between using solvent-based ink and water-based ink. The color content of the ink content is about 15% - 15%, high solid content is about 40%, at the same time, the water's surface tension is huge, so that the  thickness of printing plate of water-based ink is thinner than solvent-based ink. 

The second part: the specific matters needing attention about the use of water-based ink:

A, the adjustment of viscosity:
Ink viscosity is very important because it is related to the whole printing adaptability. Gerenally, the viscosity of the ink factory control 20 seconds / 3 # Zahn cup / 25 ℃. Before useing, it must be accordingly adjusted. Water-based ink with good quality must meet the following characteristics: low viscosity, high color content, high solid content, good liquidity, metastatic well.Therefore, ink viscosity adjusted when delivery from factory to stable state, usually in 20 seconds / 3 # Zahn cup / 25 ℃ condition, to the printing shop to adjust viscosity in advance before using. Otherwise it will lead to serious printing defects.
Running water is to adjust the viscosity of water, as solvent-based inks' solvent is used to adjust viscosity. But its cannot add too much water, or it will appear ink viscosity reducing and ratio imbalance, lead to water ripple when printing and graphic unclear anomaly.
In general, the added amount of water should be 10% to 10% of total amount of ink. Addition should be directly, open the lid firstly, adding 10%-15% and mix then perfectly, adjusting the ink viscosity for about 15 seconds / 3 # Zahn cup, this viscosity of the printing effect is the best.Groove is used. Then added to the ink barrels of residual ink and making sure be the barrel cap is tight,in order to get rid of metamorphism. Probably about 2 or 3 hours after printing and adding new ink in ink tank, then adding the right amount water to adjust the ink.(it is best to use the above mentioned water 1 kg ammonia: 4 kg with tap water.)
B, PH value control:
PH controlling is very important. Ink factory control PH between 8.5 9.5, ink best form at this time, liquidity is very good at the time. Because the ink connection material for acrylic resin polymer carrier, the resin itself is acidic, alkaline products is needed to dissolve it, therefore in the process of production is generally adopts Amines to help the dispersion and stability of the emulsion polymer and PH adjustment. Ammonia is the most commonly used  because it's cheap, but it has a strong smell and high volatile PH value is not stable.
C, film of electronic processing aspect:
The main purpose of electronic processing of film is to improve the film surface tension, improving the adhesion of ink on the printing quality, in general. Electronic processing using ink and solvent ink film.Printing is necessary electronic processing, and the intensity of corona is consistent.
D, oven process:
With oven drying of print, both in solvent-based ink and water-based ink is needed. It ust different from the temperature of the oven and the wind.  In general, the surface of the water hot volatility is higher than the solvent, high boiling point, depend on hot water away, and this plays a ink drying effect, thereby increasing production.Efficiency good oven is to improve the drying speed, and can increase production, cannot too power consumption at the same time, also cannot affect the print quality, is generally adopts the infrared shortwave, the loop closed oven drying, its effect is quite good, printing speed of 180 m/min,  saving electricity saving energy.
E, about the print cleaning:
Water-based ink cleaning is different from solvent-based ink. You just need to use the tap water and detergent to clean soak. By this way, it can make sure environmental protection and health as well as saving cost. If you have encountered ink dry, sticking phenomenon of plate is not easy to clean, please ammonia mixed with hot water for cleaning was no problem.(Our company can provide professional water washing liquid.)
F, the idle:
In the process of printing, the printing quality failure (such as: cutting (film), or when compared to confirm the color to print, plate do not soak in ink and not move but timely will press roll instead of let the plate in the ink tank idling. Because the plate to plate cleaning and damage phenomenon, which affect the production. Plate in the ink tank idling profitable version.
G, ingenious use of ammonia:
Ammonia, while a smelly,  but the toxicity is low enough, but solvent is so injury body and so dangerous. Ammonia in the use of ink painting has a lot of benefits, spare a small part of the ammonia plant, with the tap water with each other, equals one kilogram of ammonia four kilograms water mixing, in both washing edition and printing process ink balance PH value, or the plug version are very helpful, the cost low and selections about 3.5 yuan per kilogram, match into water costs about selections 0.5 yuan/kg, and the dosage, less volatile, can be used as additives, added when necessary.
H, ingenious use of defoaming agent:
In printing process for a long time, if the ink tank produce tiny bubbles, please take a small amount of my company to provide defoaming agent into the ink tank, then stir evenly.This ink tank bubble disappears.The amount of antifoaming agent is about mineral water bottle caps a cover enough.
 I, ink and ink of storage:
More than single batch print after printing, the ink to rewind the ink barrels, timely to sealed preservation, avoid ink drying, skinning, agglomerate, which affect use next time.If there is an agglomerate phenomenon, please ink filtering before use, the effect is not affected.Before using might as well add a small amount of ammonia, such effect is better.

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