Plastic gravure ink bottleneck at present

Plastic gravure printing ink is mainly used in food packaging, salt commodity packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceuticals packaging.Food packaging is a compound in the printing ink is given priority to, part of the candy paper use table printing ink;Cooking packaging using high-temperature cooking inks, general vacuum packaging is use polyester ink;Dairy packaging appropriate USES ink water resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance;Drug packaging and cosmetics packaging is given priority to with polyester ink;Salt packaging manufacturers use table printing ink, printing ink manufacturer home compound, but more and more manufacturers use the polyester ink;With the improvement of packaging market scale, using compound in the seal and the special appropriation ink products more and more.

The application of water-based ink is the trend of The Times.

The current domestic use of gravure printing ink, contains a lot of organic solvents (about 50%).Solvent such as toluene, ethyl acetate, butanone, low boiling point, high volatilization contains aromatic hydrocarbons, are toxic and flammable, are the main sources of environment.

In gravure printing ink, generally made of chlorinated polymers.In the process of printing ink production, chlorinated polymer need to use strong solvents (such as toluene, aromatic solvent to dissolve, and toluene to adjust the viscosity of the ink used in printing process.Due to the volatile chlorinated polymer ink in the production of CFCS will destroy the atmosphere of the ozone layer.Printing process, the use of aromatic solvent (toluene) will be to the workers' health and safety (fire).In addition, ink solvent residues in packaging products is a problem that need attention.Benzene residue easily in the drying of printing ink film layer (low speed printing need to adjust the ink drying speed with xylene, can be more easily xylene residue), benzene residues can contaminate food or things in the packaging.Although the gravure alcohol ester is alcohol soluble ink printing ink, although no benzene ketone but will pollute the environment, there will be solvent residue.

Plastic gravure printing ink production is being hereby, labor safety and health law and other laws and regulations, so be positive development and application to meet the requirements of environmental protection green gravure printing ink or water-based ink will become an inevitable trend.Water-based gravure ink such as solvent ink replacement system has aroused the attention of the various departments, waterborne packaging film in the printing ink is vigorously developing.