Water-based ink dispersion effect on the gloss.

Gloss printing quality refers to the printing quality in a certain background and lighting conditions, print on the surface brightness and and upward contrast of brightness distribution relationship between the parties.Associated with the lustre optical properties including surface reflection and internal reflected light.

In the experiment of water-based ink gloss meter usage: light emitting light through a lens 1 reached the surface under test, measured surface will reflect light through the lens 2 converge in place of photocell light bar, through the photoelectric converter converts electrical signals sent to the processing circuit for processing, after finally displayed on the instrument measurement data.

For water-based ink decentralized state influence on post-press print gloss, experiments with different dispersion states of black water-based ink was prepared, with gravure eligibility instrument for proofing, the gloss of spline field color piece of 45 °Angle value.